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Current Boards/Commission with Vacancies

Recycling Commission

Opens Space Review Board (appointment pending)

Historical Commission

Thank you for your interest in volunteering on a Willistown Township board or commission!

The spirit of volunteerism in Willistown Township government is strong. Over 60 residents contribute in a variety of ways to the quality of life in Willistown by serving on a selection of committees. If you are interested in contributing to the community in this way, please fill out this form, attach a resume and a letter of interest, and send it to Sally Slook, Township Manager via email or the address above. Volunteer positions are appointed by the Township’s Board of Supervisors.

Below is a list of the Township's boards and commissions. We have provided live links to the associated informational web pages of the committees (where applicable) which include descriptions, meeting times, and vacancies.

If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position with the Township, please view the application here.

Thanks again for your interest!