Active and Previously Submitted Subdivision & Land Development Applications

Below are the active subdivision and land development applications on file at Willistown Township.  Included within the list are applications that were previously submitted and approved or withdrawn. If you have any questions about the applications, please contact Bob Smiley, Zoning Officer, at 610.647.5300 ext. 252.

ApplicationApplication DateApplicantAddressSummary of ApplicationStatus

Review (Yerkes/Gaadt) 02.23.24

Review (HRG) 02.21.24

Review (Carroll) 02.28.24
2-Feb-24Rock Hill Conventional2320 S. Valley Road & 185 Grubb RoadConventional 24 lot subdivisionUnder PC Review

S-01-2306-Apr-23Willow Hill Development Group, LLC14 Industrial BlvdBuild a 59 unit townhome developmentUnder PC Review

Rock Hill Response 01.11.2024

Consultant Review 11.28.2023

Rock Hill Response 10.25.2023

Revised Plan A 10-23
Revised Plan B 10-23

Revised Plan 8-23

Revised Plan 7-23

Rock Hill Response 7.7.2023

Revised Plan 4-23

Consultant Review 5.12.2023

Rock Hill Response 4.18.2023

Consultant Review 2.3.2023
7-Jul-23Rock Hill Farm Acquisitions LLC2320 S. Valley Road & 185 Grubb Road
Subdivide 246 acres with 27 homesites.
Under PC Review
L-01-212-Dec-21Michall Daimion
440-442  E. King RoadConstruction of a proposed storage building, paved parking area, and stormwater management basinPC Recommends Approval
Past Applications

L-01-2320-Oct-23Kimberton Whole Foods429 E. King RoadConstruction of an enclosure for the loading dock in the rear of the buildingApproved
S-04-2319-Apr-23Ed Morris314 S. Valley RoadSubdivide 14.9 acres into six lotsApproved
S-03-237-Jul-23Zane Partners, LLC1 Arlington RoadSubdivide .954 acres into three lotsApproved
S-05-2316-Jun-23944 Providence LLC944 Providence RoadSubdivide 217.5 acres into 5 lotsApproved
S-02-2327-Feb-23Mary & Robert Ruggerio5 Sugarbrook Road & 112 Jaffery RoadReverse subdivision: consolidate two parcels into one 4 acre parcelApproved
L-1-20227-Sep-22Villa Maria Academy370 W Central AveAmend Previous Approved Plan L-1-2020 - Reduce Tennis Courts from 5 to 3 and add 1500 SF Physical Therapy RoomApproved
Preliminary Plan & Alternate Plans8-Jul-22Rock Hill Farm Acquisitions, LLC2320 S. Valley Road & 185 Grubb Road
Subdivide 246 acres into 22 parcels.
New preliminary plan received 12.12.22
S-5-2225-Apr-22Delchester Group864 Grubbs Mill & 6 Stillmeadow Lane3 acre lot line change, and the remaining area will be subdivided
S-4-2225-Apr-22368 Paoli Pike, LLC366/368 Paoli PikeSubdivide 366 Paoli Pike into one conforming residential lot and consolidate the balance of the parcel into 368 Paoli PikeApproved
S-3-2216-Mar-22Foxlane Homes
14 Industrial Blvd63 TownhomesDenied
S-2-228-Mar-22Kevin Cosgrove & Mark Angelo9 & 11 Old Covered BridgeLot Line ChangeApproved
S-1-2202-Feb-22Edward & Cheryl Morris314 S. Valley RdMinor Subdivision Plan - Subdivide 14.9 acres to retain existing home and create 5 new building lotsApproved
S-8-2107-Dec -21Robert Frisch736 Monument Road & 3 Lucas LaneLot Line ChangeApproved
S-7-2115-Oct 21Ed Morris314 S. Valley RoadSketch Plan - Subdivide 14.9 acres to retain existing home and create 5 new building lotsResubmitted as Minor Subdivision Plan
S-6-2127-Sep-21Turner & Zozaya7202, 7204, &7206 Whitehorse RoadLot Line ChangeApproved
S-5-2101-Sep-21Eske Development, LLC5275 West Chester PikeConstruction of day care facility with outdoor play areaWithdrawn
Preliminary Plan
21-May-21Rock Hill Farm Acquisitions, LLC2320 S. Valley Road & 185 Grubb RoadSubdivide 246 acres into 22 parcels.New Plan Submitted 7.8.22
S-3-2128-Apr-21Kevin & Susan Cosgrove9 & 11 Old Covered Bridge RoadLot Line ChangeApproved
S-2-2117-Mar-21David & Christin Gregory128 & 130 Davis RoadLot Line ChangeApproved
S-1-2111-Feb-21Main Line Health15-17 Industrial BlvdProposed Parking Garage & Office BuildingWithdrawn
L-1-202-Sep-20Villa Maria Academy370 Central AvenueConstruction of Student Union and Tennis CourtsApproved

S-2-205-Nov-20Troutbeck Farms LLCForest Lane/Monument Road
Final Subdivision PlansApproved
S-1-209-Sep-20Renehan Building Group813 W King StreetSketch Plan for Development of 3 Single Family HomesWithdrawn
L-2-1926-Nov-19The Institutes720 Providence RoadConstruct Sidewalk Improvements and Parking Area ExpansionWithdrawn
S-4-193-Oct-19Cao Thuy & Vu Thanh107 Central AvenueSubdivision of One Parcel Into Two ParcelsApproved

S-3-1926-Sep-19Thomas & Karen McDonough, Richard & Rosemarie McCloskey65, 67, 69 Devon RoadLot Line ChangeApproved
S-2-1917-Jun-19Douglas & Nancy Wendell (Jansen Wendell)57 Grubb RoadSubdivision of One Parcel Into Two ParcelsApproved

S-1-1910-May-19Delchester Group, Gary & Catharine Cox7043 Goshen Road 927 Plumsock Road
Lot Line ChangeApproved
L-1-1917-Jan-19Radnor Hunt Foundation826 Providence RoadIndoor Riding RingApproved
29-Nov-18Troutbeck Farms LLCMonument RoadConventional Subdivision of 3 lots in the R-1 OSC Overlay DistrictApproved
S-5-1824-Oct-18Peter & Valerie McNeely7043 Goshen RoadConventional Subdivision of 3 lots in the RU OSC Overlay DistrictWithdrawn
S-4-189-Oct-18William LucasLucas LaneLot Line ChangeApproved
13-Aug-18Rouse/Chamberlin LTD1720 West Chester Pike/Willistown PointPreliminary Subdivision and Land Development for 39 Townhome UnitsApproved
L-3-1823-Jul-18Aqua PA399 Hampstead PlaceUpgrades to Little Washington Sewer Treatment PlantApproved

Troutbeck Farms LLCForest Lane/Monument Road
36 Lot Subdivision to Construct 34 Single Family HomesApproved
S-1-1826-Apr-18Peter Rohr & Jerome Keough137, 147 Davis RoadLot Line ChangeApproved
L-1-1816-Jan-18Villa Maria Academy370 Central AvenueSite ImprovementsApproved