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The Planning and Zoning Department is part of the administrative team, as well as an integral part of the total operation of the Township.

Comprehensive Plan 

The new Comprehensive Plan, Guidelines for Growth & Sustainability, was adopted at the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisor Meeting on Monday, June 19, 2023 at 7:00 pm.
Please visit our Comprehensive Plan page here for more information.

Department Goals

Three fundamental goals underlie Willistown Township policies in Planning and Zoning and are reflected in the Township Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 139), Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (Chapter 123), and Environmental Protection Ordinance (Chapter 73).

These goals are derived from and conform to the goals and policies set forth in the Township’s present Comprehensive Plan.

Goal 1 - Protecting Community Values

This goal emphasizes protecting those natural and man-made environmental features which either enhance the rural character, are limited and irreplaceable, or which are ecologically sensitive. Policies address such issues as:

  • Groundwater
  • Historic and cultural resources, including local landmarks
  • Natural topography
  • Neighborhoods and housing stock
  • Soils
  • Surface water
  • Vegetation and wildlife

Goal 2 - Guiding Future Growth

A variety of land uses including residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial uses generally consistent with the existing patterns and the character of the Township shall be provided. 

These uses must be consistent with the protection of the Township community values.

Goal 3 - Providing Community Facilities & Service

Community facilities and services as appropriate for a Township of the second class shall be provided to meet the needs of the Township’s current and future residents.

Chester County Planning Commission

In an effort to simplify searches for planning information and tools, the Chester County Planning Commission has consolidated its websites. This site now includes all County Planning publications, data and mapping.

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