There is a dead deer on the road, who do I call?

Only deer on the side of the road will be picked up (i.e. not a deceased deer on private property). For state roads (please see list below), please call PennDOT at 484-340-3200. For local roads, call the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136. 

 For animals IN the road and obstructing traffic, please call the non emergency Willistown police line at 610-647-1440. 

State Road List
N Cedar Hollow Road
Delchester Road
Devon Road
Goshen Road
King Road
Lancaster Avenue
Paoli Pike
Providence Road
South Valley Road (between Devon Road to Whitehorse Road)
Street Road
Sugartown Road
Warren Avenue
West Chester Pike
*Whitehorse Road (*bridges only)

Roads not listed are local roads.

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