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Building and Zoning Permit Related Fees Can Now Be Paid Online 

Fees can be paid by credit card or electronic fund transfer. Zoning, fence, sign and soil and erosion permit fees must be paid upon permit application submittal. For all other permits, the Building Department will contact you with the amount due and permit number(s). 

Building and Zoning Permit Fee

PLEASE NOTE: New Township Procedures Due to COVID-19 Concerns

All permit applications have to be submitted electronically to the Building Department and a hard copy via U.S. mail, OR hard copies can be placed in the drop boxes located in the front and back of the Township Building. If the file is too large to send via e-mail attachment, please submit your information via an FTP/Dropbox.

Thank you for your cooperation.

For Additional Information On Submitting Permits and Requesting Inspections, Please Read:
New Building & Zoning Permit Procedures and Inspections
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