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Fox Hollow Trail


  1. No Bicycles
  2. Parking
  3. Pedestrian Only

Welcome to Fox Hollow Trail! The trail is 2 miles long round trip. In other words, it is one mile from Cedar Hollow Road to the far end on Waynesborough Road. If you turn around and return, you've gone two miles.

Join our Fox Hollow Trail Team to pitch in picking up trash and doing habitat improvement work. Find out more here.

2017 brought along with it the completion of this long-awaited recreational amenity. The porous-paved one mile long pedestrian trail, built in conjunction with the Chapel Hill development in northern Willistown, begins at Cedar Hollow and Devon Roads. Located adjacent to many northern Willistown neighborhoods, the trail weaves through beautiful woodlands into a stream valley and along South Valley and Waynesborough Roads. There is parking located at 222 South Valley Road approximately half way along the trail.

The Parks & Recreation Department conducted an online “Name That Trail” resident survey and received emails and phone calls of many creative responses. The Parks and Recreation Board chose the trail name based on the suggestion of a resident who has enjoyed watching the foxes frolic on the property over the years. The name is also fitting as the fox is a focal point of the Township seal—a nod to the history of the equestrian sport of fox hunting* in Willistown. The property also contains a "hollow" where the East Branch of Crum Creek flows.  (*Note: The hounds do not injure the fox—a more accurate description for the sport is fox chasing.)

Please note:

This trail is for pedestrians only with the exception of baby strollers and wheel chairs. Skateboards, scooters, bicycles, roller blades, and other wheeled devices are not permitted. 

Dogs are permitted on leash only.