Kindness Rocks Willistown!

A rock painted yellow with a smiley face on it sitting in a tree

Kindness Rocks Willistown Parks & Recreation!

A Message from the Director

In today's hectic and divisive world, parks and recreation are more important to our mental, spiritual, and physical health than ever. Your Willistown Parks and Recreation Department brings our community together, celebrates it, and enriches our quality of life through its parks, preserves, and innovative programs. The new kindness initiative will be a powerful addition to the ongoing parks and recreation efforts that help to make our community so special. Willistown Parks & Rec programs engage and connect people of all ages

I am excited to report that the Willistown Parks and Recreation Department is joining "The Kindness Rocks Project" kindness movement. Join Willistown Parks & Recreation’s effort to sow seeds of encouragement, compassion, and humor while advancing kindness in our community and beyond. It is my aspiration to spread positivity far and wide and to introduce our youth to the experience of giving and receiving compassion. The Kindness Rocks program also furthers the Parks & Rec Department’s endeavor to foster healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. This and my other events and programs encourage a love of being outdoors and a connection to nature by creating lasting, happy memories in our parks and preserves. This is the stuff of great communities!

The Kindness Rocks Project started on Cape Cod. Megan Murphy enjoyed collecting rocks and sea glass while on her beach walks. One day, she grabbed a Sharpie from her counter before heading out. She wasn’t sure why until she found herself writing inspiring messages on a few rocks and instead of taking them home, she left them there.

Later that day, a friend of Megan’s texted her a photo—it was of one of her rocks! Recognizing the handwriting, she asked if Megan had written it. Megan was amazed that her rock was found among the thousands of others and that it was spotted by a friend of hers on the same day to boot. She decided to say she did not write it. Her friend shared that she was feeling quite down and the rock had made her day and lifted her spirits. This positivity inspired Megan to create The Kindness Rocks Project which encourages people to “take one when you need one, share one with a friend who needs some inspiration, or leave one for another.” 

A little kindness goes a long way. I was delighted when I found my first rock, and I knew I wanted to spread this goodness and empathy throughout our community. Coincidentally, Lisa D’Annunzio, a Malvern Borough resident and one of four women who manage "Kindness Rocks Chester and Montgomery County", called me inquiring about a location to place 40 Kindness Rocks for their first ever Easter Rock Hunt. Greentree Park became one of four such sites in the two counties. 

Lisa experiences heart-warming moments regularly as she witnesses how meaningful it is for people to find a positive message. She shared, “Even if photos of your rocks don't get posted—you know you’ve made someone happy, and you’ve brought some good news to your hometown.” 

This year’s GO WilMa! outdoor adventure program theme is Kindness Rocks GO WilMa! I anticipate another 650 kids and their families and friends will be participating in this award-winning program again this year.

Each GO WilMa! adventurer will decorate a rock at one of the painting parties and leave it to dry for another participant to take to one of 16 GO WilMa! destinations, sprinkling inspiration and kindness throughout Willistown, East Goshen, and East Whiteland Townships and Malvern Borough.

GO WilMa! rock painting parties will take place at the Malvern and Paoli libraries and the kickoff Park Party on June 12 (PDF) at Greentree. The rocks will be labeled "Kindness Rocks GO WilMa!" and when they are found people will post images on the GO WilMa! Facebook page.

A rock painted yellow with a smiley face on it

Those not participating in GO WilMa! can also paint inspirational and fun Kindness Rocks at our park parties (PDF). These rocks will be labeled "Kindness Rocks Willistown", and people who find these rocks will be asked to post to the Willistown Township Facebook page.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the 292-acres of parkland managed by this department. When you find one of these treasures, it will let you know where to post your image.

The Kindness Rocks Project declares, “One message at just the right moment can change your whole day, outlook, life.” Kindness is contagious, so let's get started! To help with this Willistown Parks and Recreation project or to find out more please contact me. Please read these important tips and rules in order to participate in our Kindness Rocks project (PDF).

See you in the park!

Mary Hundt
Director of Parks & Recreation
Email Mary Hundt
Phone: 610-647-5300 x224

A painted white rock with text that reads Have a great day! sitting on a bed of more rocks