Okehocking Trail Corps

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Trail Corps Mission

The Okehocking Trail Corps mission is to rehabilitate and maintain the trails at Okehocking in an ecologically minded way while accommodating the Preserve's wide variety of visitors.

The Corps is implementing the Penn Trails Assessment maintenance prescriptions for the Preserve's trail system.

Willistown Parks & Recreation provides Penn Trail Workshops to educate and inspire its members at no cost to them.

Who's in the Okehocking Trail Corps?

The Trail Corps includes different Preserve user groups, and local organizations and businesses. Cross-pollinating these groups will build camaraderie and a sense of community within the Trail Corps. It is also intended to positively influence the experience of the different user groups including hikers, dog walkers, runners, equestrians, artists, photographers, scouts, and birders. To date, the Corps includes the following groups: Malvern Troop 7 Boy Scouts, Sugartown Elementary Troop 4996 Girl Scouts,Willistown Conservation Trust, Mom's Organic Market in Bryn Mawr, Willistown and area residents, and volunteers from the Willistown Parks & Recreation Board.

Can I join?

It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of the Okehocking Trail Corps! Contact Mary, Director of Parks and Recreation, to inquire.

How'd it begin?

The Corps was established in the summer of 2016. Willistown Parks and Recreation hosted members of these groups at a presentation of the Penn Trails report and introduced the group to the trail assessment software. There was a discussion of priority projects, and the first trail workshop was held in the fall of 2016.

Okehocking Trail Assessment & Prescriptions Report

The Parks & Recreation Department commissioned Penn Trails, a distinguished trail assessment, planning, construction, design, training, and management firm, to deliver a trail assessment and prescriptions report for the existing 5.75 mile multi-use trail system at Okehocking Preserve. The Penn Trails assessment expands upon the USDA Forest Service Trail Assessment and Condition Survey process, or TRACS. TRACS is the organization's required methodology for conducting trail inventory, condition assessment, and maintenance prescriptionsfor National Forest System trails.

The Penn Trails report on Okehocking, all 80 pages of it, contains very thoroughempirical data on current trail tread way and trail corridor conditions as well as an inventory of features contained within the trail corridor. The report provides the Township with critical information needed to objectively determine the tasks and budget required to stabilize the trails for both sustainability and user enjoyment.

The Penn Trails assessment process observes and records the physical conditions of the trail’s structural components. These observations are then related to “productivity factors” which determine the structural stability and sustainability. The assessed productivity factors for the Preserve trail system include linear grade, cross slope, side slope, trail tread surface, trail tread width, and trail corridor (clearing width and height). These data points are considered in the trail “prescriptions”, or the practices selected and scheduled for application to rehabilitate and maintain a particular trail segment. The trail system was assessed as 24 distinct sections.

Penn Trails also designed conceptual alignments for 2.25 additional miles of trails at Okehocking. Two of those trails have been mown into the native grass fields on the northeast and northwest corners of Route 3 and Delchester Road. An additional conceptual trail will be used to re-route the existing trail through the woods currently located above the Willistown Conservation Trust barn in the middle of the property.

View the Okehocking Trail Assessment & Prescriptions Report (PDF)
View the Okehocking Trail Assessment Trail Segment Map (PDF)
View the Okehocking Preserve Trail System Map (PDF)
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Penn Trails Bed & Tread Workshop

Saturday and Sunday, September 23 & 24; Rain Date: October 7 & 8

These two-day trail workshops focus on bed and tread planning, layout, and construction of natural surface trails like those throughout Okehocking. The trail’s intended uses, the design parameters determined by those uses, and materials and construction techniques along with ongoing trail maintenance are covered. Participants  experience expertly guided classroom learning and hands-on site experience working on an Okehocking trail. Lunch will be provided. Willistown Parks & Recreation hopes to have at least one representative from each user group participate in this free workshop, with the idea that they will become a part of the Okehocking Trail Corps. They will work with other workshop attendees to lead volunteers on projects. If you are interested in the Okehocking Trail Corps, one of the workshops, or both, please contact Mary, Director of Parks & Recreation. Workshop space is limited, so email Mary now! Pre-registration is required. Space is very limited!

View the Penn Trails Bed & Tread Workshop info flier (PDF).
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