About Us

Welcome to Willistown Parks & Recreation where we endeavor to foster healthy minds, bodies, and spirits through our parks and programs. We encourage a love of being outdoors and a connection to nature by creating lasting, happy memories there. 
This is the stuff of great communities!
                                                                              - Mary N. Hundt, Director

Okehocking Preserve Mary Hundt

2019 Message from the Director

The Mission: 

We celebrate community and enrich life through people, parks & programs.

The Vision: 

We have a thriving, healthy, connected community.

The Code:

Willistown Parks & Recreation Code Chapters 31 and 96

The Board:

Willistown Parks and Recreation Board 

The Staff:

Mary N. Hundt, Director

Mary has a background in landscape architecture, horticulture, conservation, grant writing (over $6.25 million awarded), community organizing, and planning. She has been working as Director since 2004, is a lifelong resident of Willistown, and has served as a Willistown Township Supervisor.

Mary is in and out of the office frequently. In order to provide you with the best service possible please email or call 610-647-5300 x 224 before stopping by.